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Welcome to UNDERTREES Resource Bank!

This Resource Bank is for all participants in UNDERTREES to share and discuss ideas, suggestions, news on agroforestry. Visit the sections below and share your comments. Material will be primarily in English. Occasionally some links to videos or news could be in Spanish or Italian, to reflect the languages spoken by project participants.

Share, discuss, read, watch…


Thematic Area 1.
Climate change, soil degradation, biodiversity loss… How agroforestry can help face these challenges? Share and discuss latest news and findings on agro-enviornmental impacts of agroforestry in different agro-climatic contexts.
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Thematic Area 2.
What socio-economic implications do you see with the adoption of or transition to agroforestry systems? What are farmers views on agroforestry?
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Thematic Area 3.
Policy Development
Share news and interesting information about policy development, frmeworks and initiatives that promote and facilitate transition to agroforestry systems.
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